1. Age & Nationality Limitations
    • There is no age or nationality required to play Rafflemao however you will need a PayPal email to be able receive winnings.

  2. No PayPal Account
    • If you do not have a valid PayPal email you can still play however money won will not be payable, and thus forfeited.

  3. Really Free To Play
    • The prize money is funded by advertising making it possible to keep the draw completely free to enter.

  4. Winning
    • When you win you will win the Cash Prize plus your bonus. You do NOT need to claim the win on the draw day, so if you have collected tickets throughout the month you do not need to worry if you cannot visit Rafflemao on the draw day.

  5. Multiple Accounts
    • You can register with as many email adddresses as you like, but note that only valid PayPal emails will receive wins.

  6. Referrals
    • Each time you refer a new user you will be credited another ticket and we will add $1 to your bonus. When you win the draw you win the prize money plus your bonus.
    • You will find your referral link and banners on the referrals page.
    • There is no limit to how many referrals you can get.

  7. Ticket Frequency
    • You can claim another ticket every 7 hours for free.

  8. Personal Details
    • We only ask for your email to be able to pay you any money that you win. We will never share your details with anyone else.

  9. Draw Day
    • The first of each month is draw day. A winning ticket is drawn at random @ midnight GMT and the prize money plus that players bonus is awarded. Players can then start collecting tickets for the next draw.